Universal Clipboard

Seamless clipboard sharing between Your phone & PC


The XConnected Universal Clipboard is an android application to help move data between your phone's and computer's clipboard.

Once connection is established between your devices, you can move your clipboard's content with a tap or a click from both ends.

You may enable auto synchronization, which automatically updates the clipboard when you copy something on one of your devices.

The application is offered as an ad-supported free application, without any usage limits.


  • InstantaneousCopy one place and paste it on the other under a second
  • Bidirectional Phone -> PC or PC -> Phone, works the same way
  • Continuous ModeAutomatically synchronizes your devices clipboards
  • Screenshot SupportScreenshots taken on your phone immediately on your PC's clipboard
  • Easy to useControl from notification, or from your desktop!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • The XConnected Universal Clipboard application installed on your phone or tablet
  • The XConnected Desktop Server App installed on your windows (Windows 7 or newer) machine
  • Network connection, local or otherwise, between your two devices
First, make sure the XConnected Desktop Server App is running on your computer. You can find it's icon on the system tray, near the clock.
If your phone and PC are on the same network, the Universal Clipboard android application should find it automatically, and your computer's name and IP address should be visible in the Available Servers list.
Otherwise, use the + button in the bottom right corner of the application to manually enter the address of your computer.
Once the desired computer is in the Available Servers list tap it to connect.
Currently you can freely move text data in both direction. Image data can only be sent from your phone, and pasted on your desktop machine.
Yes! You have to manually specify your computers external IP address. Note that if you computer is behind a firewall or router, you may need to forward the used port (default 34520).
In case of any questions or problems you encounter, please feel free to contact us! You can find the contact form on the bottom of this page, or write us an email to info@xconnectedapps.com