XConnected Apps

Bridging the gap between your Phone and your PC

Barcode Reader

Let Your phone become a wireless barcode scanner
  • Wide range of formats1D and 2D industrial and product standards. UPC, EAN, QR, Code 128 & many more
  • Wireless Don't bother with cables: you just need wi-fi or network connection
  • Pre & PostfixingCustomizable for your special needs
  • UniversalWorks with every application that accepts keyboard input
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Universal Clipboard

Seamless clipboard sharing between Your phone & PC
  • InstantaneousCopy one place and paste it on the other under a second
  • Bidirectional Phone -> PC or PC -> Phone, works the same way
  • Continuous ModeAutomatically synchronizes your devices clipboards
  • Screenshot SupportScreenshots taken on your phone immediately on your PC's clipboard
  • Easy to useControl from notification, or from your desktop!
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Desktop Server App

The server application is required to be installed on your computer to use the mobile apps
  • Central hub for XConnected mobile appsRequired companion software
  • Lightweight Minimal resource usage when not in use
  • SecurePassword protection for added security
  • ConfigurablePort number, auto start and others to fit in your system
  • RobustHandles multiple devices and apps simultaneously
For Windows 7, 8, 10